Name: Hero
Price: 49.99 USD

(Inherits previous ranks perms)

- /kit Hero
- Mineable spawners with silk touch
- /compass (shows which direction you're looking)
- /depth (shows Y level according to the ocean level)
- /disposal (opens a trash can)
- /hat (put anything on your head)
- /nick (changes your nickname)
- /skull (spawns a skull of any minecraft player)
- /workbench (opens a crafting bench)
- Keep xp on death

- /enderchest (opens your enderchest)
- /pweather (changes your personal weather)

- /back (can take you to your previous death location)
- /feed (fills your hunger bar) (cooldown)
- /fix (repairs the item you are holding) (cooldown)
- /top (teleports you to the highest block above your head)
- 10 /sethomes

(Payments may take up to 30 seconds to take effect in-game)