Welcome to the official server store!

This is the place for you to enhance your survival player experience as well as help the server grow to its full potential. We offer a variety of different ranks to choose from with varying price ranges to accommodate all players. You can choose your product on our Donation Ranks tab.

Why Donate?

All server donations go directly toward making our server an overall better place!

- This is the best way to enhance your survival experience on our server!

- The server is not free to host. It costs quite a bit of money to keep the server running 24/7!

- We need to pay our lovely staff members who keep the community a great place. We couldn't do it without them!

Why is donating fair?  ( Pay to win? )

Why is donating fair? Why should free-to-play pl
ayers be limited in their online experience on our network? Donating is more fair now than it ever has. Donors are given their perks because it's the best way for the admins to give thanks! Also, there is no true "winner" on our Minecraft server. We're all a family :)

All pa
yments are handled and secured by PayPal. No refunds or exchanges, all payments are final.

Recent Donations:

1x Prince (methazine_co)

1x Duke (cynfulpsycho420)

1x Duke (Ranox411)

1x Overlord (ActualAutism)

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